Intermodal Transport

Environmentally friendly – efficient – low cost

Environmentally friendly – efficient – low cost

For more than six years we have been providing our clients with intermodal transport services between Germany and Turkey. Intermodal traffic, also called combined traffic, is an alternative to ground transport in which different kinds of carriers (e.g. rail and sea) form a single supply chain.

Intermodal transport protects the environment through a reduction of CO2 emissions and relief of road traffic. Market changes like shortage in truck loading capacities and increasing costs of road traffic additionally push this concept.

As a service intermodal stands for an alternative combination of different modes of carriers and railroad to a cost efficient, safe, environmental friendly and reliable route of transport in addition to classical ground transport.

Most shipments are made with 45’HC Containers.

Concerning Germany and Turkey we focus on a powerful cooperation with private railroad companies.

Contracts and warranted contingents enable us to continually offer transportation capacities.